I had an old unloved Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop sitting around.  With a Pentium M processor, 1 gb of RAM and a 40 gb hard drive, this was not worth trying to upgrade to most modern operating systems but it was perfect for one I’ve been wanting to try, Peppemint Three.  This distro is Ubuntu/Mint based, uses the lightweight LXDE window manager and is very web-centric which suits me to a tee.  I made a Linux Live bootable USB drive and this distro worked perfectly despite not being officially supported by LiLi.  Everything on the old 1300 worked perfectly (I did not try hibernation) so I installed it to the hard drive.

As I suspected, this is a very responsive distro on the old hardware.   It is also easy to use for those who have used Ubuntu or Linux Mint.  The LXDE desktop environment feels very familiar to Gnome 2 users as does the software manager from Linux Mint.


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